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05/21/11 02:57 PM #1    

Joel Cler

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11/16/11 12:57 PM #2    


Diane K. Hebenstreich (Schmeling)

The new name of Custer is


Milw. Campus for Technology,
Trades & Media

11/16/11 03:04 PM #3    


Eileen Patricia Martin (Kocherhans)

Yeah, what's THAT all about?  I just called the CHS office Monday morning....almost thought I was given the wrong phone number to use.

12/04/11 01:03 AM #4    


Susan L. Barrett (Rech)

From what I understand, I guess you could call it an upgrade.  In order to get into the school you have to apply to get in, and you get double college credits there too.  How's about that?

02/02/12 12:59 PM #5    

Darlene Staiduhar (Pringle)

I heard it as something to do with the Native Americans.

03/06/12 12:40 AM #6    

Barbara L. Thompson (O'Donnell)

Actually,  Custer was closed Spring of 2010 because it was a failing school.  Today, it has a charter school and an elementary school named Obama in the building.  It is hard be visualize little children in the hall ways.

03/25/12 12:10 AM #7    

Sandra E. Bauer

After moving back to WI from TX I drove my daughter past Custer.  I wanted to show her my wonderful high school.  How depressing.  Those beautiful windows all boarded up. And then over on the side (where the Music Dept. used to be) was a sign for the Lady Pitts School for unwed mothers.  Sheeeeesh!  I was thinking of taking her inside for a tour but no way!  Time marches on but why does it have to be so cruel?

08/24/12 07:05 PM #8    


Patricia A. Carl (Sowle)

Melodie, will put our check in the mail to you on Monday.  Kind of forgot, then I got a call from someone on the committee - so we are planning on attending the pep rally on Friday night.



Patty Carl-Sowle

09/08/12 11:27 AM #9    


Karen D. Bauer (Freimuth)

Just want to say thanks to the Reunion Committee for all the work you are putting into this. While those of us who are not part of the Committee can only imagine what it must be like to try to find over 900 people, arrange a weekend of fun, and stay sane, i'm sure i'm speaking on behalf of all of us when i say THANK YOU.  Looking forward to seeing everybody next week.  Safe travels to all! 

09/16/12 12:32 PM #10    


Eileen Patricia Martin (Kocherhans)

Hey there, 

A huge thank you to all of you who attended this weekend's festvities. As part of the reunion committee, may I say that it makes all of the hard work very worthwhile.  And also, our appreciation, to those who graciously signed in to let us know that you are still " alive and kickin' "....

I will continue research updates for the "In Memory" section of our website so please keep us updated on the status of classmates you may know of or are still in contact with.  I think it is a great idea to keep this site "open for business".

Again, many thanks....

Eileen Martin (Kocherhans)

Very proud member of the Class of '72!

09/16/12 03:14 PM #11    

Timothy Hughes

My wife, Diane (Class of '77), and I had a great time Friday night - our kudos to the Planning Committee. From the display of paraphernalia to the In Memory video to the live music - everything was well-planned.  Sorry we couldn't attend Saturday night but we're sure that was a blast too.  I'll post some pictures soon. Looking forward to the 45th!



09/17/12 05:33 PM #12    


Kim C. Goerg

Just wanted to put my thanks to the "Reunion Committee" in writing. From past experience I know a lot of sweat and hard work went into Friday and Saturday nights highly enjoyable activities. The reunion locations, food, entertainment and visuals exceeded all my expectations.

Catching up on life's events with a number of old friends was icing on the cake.

Can't wait for the next one!

Kim C. Goerg


09/17/12 05:44 PM #13    


Timothy M. Freudenthal

Hey; Kudos to all of the Reunion committee, great job on alot of work with an excellent outcome. Everybody looked great but not quite as easy to remember every face as it was at the 25th.  Must be my eye sight.  Anyway, doesn't Stathus have a job or kids?  He doesn't even have any grey or missing hair.  What is up with that?  Check it out in another 5 or 10 years.  Loved talking with everybody but not enough time to really visit with everyone there guess I should have come on Friday evening also.  The comedian was great and I still wake up my grand kids at the cabin by shouting, "daylite in the swamp"!!  I leave out the other part.  Anybody gets through Wautoma, WI, stop in and say hello. See ya all at the next gathering.

09/17/12 08:23 PM #14    


Mary P. Parez (Newell)

Huge thank you to all on the planning committee in making the reunion a great success!  Looks like you were very diligent in considering every detail of the celebration. I was not at the bowling alley Fri., but I enjoyed walking the halls of Custer again, and Sat. night was just perfect in every way. Wasn't John McGivern a hoot!?

Mary Parez Newell 

09/18/12 10:24 PM #15    


Eileen Patricia Martin (Kocherhans)

For those interested:

Memorial gathering for

Ricky Ray Reifschneider - Class of 1972

happening on Friday, September 21st from 5:00pm-8:00pm at the South Milwaukee Yacht Club

Details on the Memorial page set up for Ricky.


Ricky passed away Aug 30th, 2012,

Pancreatic Cancer

09/21/12 10:52 PM #16    


Ann E. Wentworth (Ledbury)

Hi to CHS 1972 Classmates,

Just wanted to say thank you to the entire Reunion Committee, especially Joel Cler and Melodee Bast, for all of their hard work and effort to make our 40th reunion last weekend a huge success.  Everyone put so much time into planning, organizing, meeting and meeting again and again... I had a great time visiting with so many old friends.  Unfortunately, there is never enough time to connect with everyone I had hoped to, but maybe next time.  The entertainment with Randy Panas' band sounded great, and John McGivern is always a riot to listen to (and he's our age, too).  Custer may not exist anymore as the school we all once knew, but the Custer spirit is still in all of us.

Ann Wentworth Ledbury



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